Introducing the ROC Web API

The ROC Web API enables developers to host an API server on their own hardware, and allows numerous client devices to easily connect and send facial images for processing server-side from an array of languages (C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Objective-C, PHP, Python, and Ruby).

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Understanding the Importance of Peak Memory Usage

When building mobile or embedded face recognition applications, there is a small amount of computer memory available. Thus, only face recognition algorithms that require a limited amount of RAM can be used in mobile and embedded applications. This article discusses these concepts and highlights how many vendors develop algorithms that are not usable in mobile and embedded applications.

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Evergreen Licensing

Perhaps no technology is improving as rapidly as automated face recognition. For example, over the last four years Rank One has reduced the False Non-Match Rate of our algorithm by over 50x:Other face recognition vendors are similarly improving their accuracy at a rapid pace. However, despite these relentless improvements, many vendors are also denying their […]

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