Is your system powered by the industry's fastest and most accurate facial recognition solution?

U.S. based and trustworthy, we want to pair you with a facial recognition solution that works for you in your business.
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The Rank One Difference

High Accuracy

Not all popular FR algorithms can boast this. What’s even more important, the ROC SDK is accurate AND efficient.

Fast + Efficient

The ROC SDK is able to accurately process images quickly and conveniently on commodity laptops.

Easy + Well Supported

Built with an engineering-first mindset, the ROC SDK has been carefully crafted to allow for seamless adoption.


NIST-validated and created in Denver, Colorado by engineers who believe in using FR safely and ethically.

FR Where You Need It
Our Flagship Product
Gives you the freedom to leverage Rank One’s world-leading facial recognition algorithm where you need it most. With support for all the major languages, the ROC SDK is easy to integrate and will give you the utmost flexibility to fit your needs.
FR Forensic Workstation

ROC Explore

ROC Explore was born out of a desire to offer users an intuitive interface and workflow that eases the bottleneck of media processing and empowers purposeful investigation.

Automated FR Surveillance
ROC Watch
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Why Choose Rank One?
Responsible FR Solutions
Technology-First Approach
We are a company built by engineers who believe in constant improvement, striving to provide our customers with the bleeding edge of FR technology.
Built + Maintained in Denver, Colorado
Rank One is the only FR algorithm with practical speed and efficiency as well as top-tier accuracy – that is also built in the United States.
Industry-Leading Code of Ethics
Rank One believes in facial recognition’s power to make a safer and better world. As such, we offer our customers safe solutions backed by our Code of Ethics.